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Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware

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When I think of cast iron cookware I instantly think of great family gatherings and the best meals I have ever tasted cooked with just basic ingredients, let's bring this nostalgia back to the home kitchen.

  • Holds heat well. Once cast iron has warmed up, it stays warm which helps keep food hot. But you should also know this means it takes a while for cast iron to fully heat up and fully cool down.
  • Works well with many heat sources. Cast iron can be used on any type of stovetop (gas, electric, or induction). It can also be used over an open flame like a campfire or placed directly into the oven as a baking dish would be.
  • Easy to clean. Once you know the fundamentals of cleaning cast iron, it’s no more difficult to clean than other types of cookware. Plus, its natural nonstick surface might even make it easier to clean than glass or aluminum.
  • Affordable. Cast iron cookware is often sold at affordable prices and since it lasts nearly forever, you can view it as a one-time investment. It’s usually easy to find cast iron at thrift stores and second-hand shops too.
  • Comes in many shapes and sizes. Cast iron skillets are probably the most popular form of this cookware, but cast iron is also used to make pots, griddles, cake pans, pizza sheets, and more.
  • Can be used for cooking and serving. Many people find cast iron cookware aesthetically pleasing and it can make a nice addition to any table setting. In fact, many restaurants even use mini cast-iron skillets as serving dishes



Wok type: Non-stick

Type 1: Egg Frying Pan

Type: Pans

Pot Cover Type: Without Pot Cover

Pans Type: Frying Pans & Skillets


Metal Type: Cast Iron

Material: iron

Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked

Diameter: <20cm

Certification: CE / EU, CIQ, LFGB, SGS

Capacity: 1-2L

Applicable Stove: Gas Cooker

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