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22pc/set Eyelash Extension Kit

22pc/set Eyelash Extension Kit

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Are you a makeup artist in the making?  This kit is just for you.  Sometimes building your equipment inventory is hard to find each and every item that you need but, the MKE BLAQ Market has your back.  For the love of the lashes!  We know this is a ton of information, but we want you to be satisfied and look damn good doing it!


Item Type: Eyelash Extension set
Quantity: 22pcs/set
Shelf life:3 years
1. Useful for beginners to graft eyelashes with this kit.
2. No harm to your hand, easy to use.
3. With this kit you will always have well-made eyelashes.
4. Fully equipped to better practice grafting eyelashes.
5. You don't feel uncomfortable when wearing false eyelashes.
6. All tools are packed in a makeup bag, portable to carry.
Grafting eyelash steps:
1. Isolation eyelashes
2. Cleaning hands and tools
3. Spray the Eyelash Cleaner onto the paper and then clean the eyelashes
4. Drying eyelashes with Air Puffer Blower
5. Brush your eyelashes with eyelashes
6. Shake 20 times before using the Glue
7. Put the Glue on the Glue Holder or Glue Ring
8. After using the Glue, tighten the cover
9. Clip the root of the False eyelashes with Tweezers
10. Applying Glue to False Eyelashes
11. Put False Eyelashes on the eyelashes and wait for 3-5 seconds
12. Determine the position with mascara
13. Drying eyelashes with Air Puffer Blower
Remove eyelash steps:
1. Draw the Eyelash Glue Remover with a cotton swab
2. Apply to the eyelashes
3. Wait 5 minutes
4. Wipe off gently with Eyelash Cleaner
1. Clean eyelashes before grafting eyelashes.
2. Must wait for Eyelash Cleaner on the eyelashes to dry and then graft.
3. Put the false eyelashes at the base of the eyelashes 1.5-2mm, so that it is not easy to be uncomfortable and can last longer.
4. Do not give too little glue to the Eyelash Glue Holder.
5. False eyelashes with a proper amount of glue, too much will lead to a sense of weight, too little is not easy to stick.
6. The larger the area of false eyelashes and eyelashes, the stronger the firmer
Set Includes:
Duo Eyelash Comb Brush(Random Color)
5pcs Mini Eyelash Brush(Random Color)
1pc Makeup Case
1pc Forehead sticker
5pcs Glue Ring Shaped Holder
1box Disposable Cotton Swab
1pc Straight Tweezers
1pc Curved Tweezers
1pc Glue Pad Sticker
1box Sticky Eye Patch(10pcs)
1box Single False Eyelash
1box Single False Eyelash(Mix 8/10/12mm)
1Box 10D 10mm Cluster Eyelashes
1Box 5D 10mm Cluster Eyelashes
1box Eyelash Extension Eye Patch(10pcs)
1pc Air Puffer Blower(For drying Random Color)
1pc Eyelash Cleaner 45g
1pc Eyelash Adhesive 10ml(Odorless)
1pc Eyelash Glue Remover 5g
1pc Tape
1pc Eyelash Glue Holder
1pc Scissors
Note :
1. After 3 days of grafting the eyelashes, do not touch the water, do not steam the face/steam sauna within 24 hours, prevent the heat from letting the eyelashes fall off
2. Don't apply mascara after grafting eyelashes, and Don't use eyelash curler again
3. Try to avoid eyelashes when washing your face.
4. It is normal to drop individual eyelashes after grafting, and then make up for it again.
5. Keep away from children.
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